Our first foray into geography

Assalaamu alaikum We have been totally taken with our geography studies alhamdulillah with a little prompting and a few selected resources Imaan … [Continue reading]

So what do you do with your littlest tot?

Assalaamu alaikum :) Our littlest tot : Sakeenah didn't have as great a presence when we were schooling before the holidays, she took two long naps … [Continue reading]

OK not quite so seamless!

Assalaamu alaikum Bear with me while I play around and do some redecorating...the process is turning out to involve more work than I was planning … [Continue reading]

We have a plan!

Assalaamu alaikum   It feels almost impossible to document our plan for the year term insha Allah as our resources comes from so many … [Continue reading]

“Mommies are nocturnal”

Assalaamu alaikum Zahra asked "Mommy why don't you have your pajamas on?" I answered and said "I am not going to bed right now." She asked … [Continue reading]

Learning about Muharram

Assalaamu alaikum sisters :) Here's a peep into what we have been up to for Muharram. Masha Allah the unit study that dear sister Umm Ibraheem over … [Continue reading]


Assalaamu alaikum Akhwaat :) I thought I would point you to a lovely resource that the wonderful Umm Ibraheem over at Talibideen Jr. created for the … [Continue reading]

Some of Zahra’s Activities

Bismilahi Rahmaani Raheem Assalaamu alaikum Zahra's activities always used to be ways to keep her occupied while I am busy with Imaan. She is three … [Continue reading]

What we have been up to

Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem Assalaamu alaikum So I have been thinking of what to blog about...trying to see if there is anything in our day which … [Continue reading]

Eid Mubarak

[Continue reading]