Assalaamu alaikum Akhwaat 🙂

I thought I would point you to a lovely resource that the wonderful Umm Ibraheem over at Talibideen Jr. created for the blessed month of Muharram.

Here it is:

The Month of Muharram

Masha Allah it is a great Learning Unit and Lapbook Starter kit.I hope to use it in the next few days insha Allah.

May Allah reward her in dunya and aakhira and grant her Jannah, Ameen.

Fee Amaanullah

Umm Imaan



  1. Nice unit study masha Allaah! I would have loved to do this with Maimoonah now, but we did only talking and reading about Moosa alahissalaam because I have run out of ink : ) Awaiting to see how Iman gets about with it Insha Allaah!

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