Home making moments

Assalaamu alaikum sisters

I have wanted to share some home making moments alongside our home schooling moments insha Allah.

I love being in the kitchen, working in my home (ok cleaning not so much!) and there are so many very wonderful tips I have come across which I am using and would like to share insha Allah so that you may benefit (as I have) insha Allah.

Some things I have been learning about are

  • Frugal living (There are some great tips out there to help us make proper use of our resources. )
  • Whole/real foods (Although I always cook from scratch I am learning how to feed my family better.)
  • Green Cleaning (I am a newbie but am trying to apply some things I have learnt, detoxifying my home one step at a time.)

OK we will start with those Insha Allah.

I would also love to try to share recipes which worked especially healthy, wholesome food.

It is winter here in South Africa so there will be soups, stews, breads and a few sweet treats (cupcakes if Imaan has any say about it!)



  1. Yummy Yummy, awaiting your recipes.!!!

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