Our first foray into geography

Assalaamu alaikum

We have been totally taken with our geography studies alhamdulillah with a little prompting and a few selected resources Imaan has fallen in love with a new subject. Zahra has read her first 6 letter word after scouring our new map for ages she spelled out Alaska with the happiest smile masha Allah.

There are so many great resources and while we are just reading about different things and exploring the continents and the names of different countries I am plotting and planning a nice curriculum for next term insha Allah.

Here is a list of the resources I will be using, a few sites which are currently inspiring me and the materials I have made and/or plan on making insha Allah.

  • “Where I live”

We will be reading the book “Me On the Map” this will tie in with the “All about me” lapbook we will be doing insha Allah.

If you are in South Africa you can get it here:

And elsewhere you can get it here:

I found this worksheet from enchanted learning

This video illustrates “me on the map”

This is something I found on pinterest and simply love. Here is another version.  So in preparation I have cut and prepared all the elements so it is ready when we need it.

  • Continent and oceans study

I love the felt map idea I found on United Montessori and may make it using craft foam as in this post I will post pics once we have completed the work insha Allah.

If you use the Montessori method here are some links to free 3 part cards ETC press has some very beautiful nomenclature cards for free download. I have printed and “laminated” my set and it is ready to go on the shelves. I also prepared some continent print outs that they can use with pinning.  This post outlines how to use this activity with your geography work. Here is an excerpt to explain:

The felt pad is placed flat on the table.  The traced continent is placed on top of the felt.Then they use the puncher tool to punch holes along the outline of the continent.  This perforates the continent so it can then be “punched” out of the paper surrounding it and ultimately glued onto their map.

I simply love the continent bags by Counting Coconuts.

The Little List is a useful site which will direct you very accurately to what free resource you are looking for 🙂

This is another nice resource for continents study.

A cute continent memory game on the National Geographic website click  here and you will go straight there 🙂 *note there is a sound which sounds almost like piano as you click, the game can be played with the sound off it is just a bit more difficult.

  • Maps and mapping

I have such a nice mapping unit study which I downloaded from Scholastics when they were having a special sale so we will be using that aswell as the Intellego Unit Studies on mapping.

Wonderful interactive map also by on National Geographic’s website

World atlas lists pertinent data for the different aspects of the world.

Using the mapmaker tool you can download and print a map of any country you choose.

  • Children of the World

A sister over at Noor Janan Homeschool has written a blog post about her children of the world stamp cards which she has made available as a free download masha Allah.

  • Animals of the World

Confessions of a Homeschooler has free downloads for Animals of the World.

  • Free online geography curricula

National geographic have free down loadable lesson plans for K-2

  • Art

Umm raiyaan has shared some nice activities relating to geography studies. I like this art project.

There are numerous activities on My Montessori Journey, I really like the Paint the earth activity and the continent work.

So that is just a peep into what I have been looking into for our geography studies insha Allah. I hope this prep work will help you in your geography work 🙂 insha Allah