Bubble painting

We enjoyed making our Eid cards this year alhamdulillah. Mainly because I chose a medium that allowed me to give the girls the freedom to create as they wished and still have a pretty and sometimes even beautiful outcome.

We prepared the bubble paint mixture using:

1 tbsp junior acrylic paint

1 tbsp dish washing liquid

1 cup water

We had the three primary colours: red, blue and yellow and we also had some white so we mixed a few different colours from those. We had some really soft pastels which I think looked very pretty.

I am very pleased with our recycled containers:) we have been saving our milk bottles, washing them and cutting them in half. I have used them for many different storage purposes. Remember the shape of your bubble print will depend on the shape of the container.

So they blew bubbles and placed the card onto the bubbles.

My camera is not so great so it couldn’t capture the prettiness 🙂

The girls got impatient and eventually started spooning dollops of bubbles on the card.

After they dried I ironed them into card shapes which they decorated.

Imaan wrote an Eid greeting on the inside.

They definitely enjoyed this craft and I would happily do it again insha Allah.


  1. Masha Allaah very nice. I have been waiting to do this with Maimoonah from the time I read at Umm Tafari’s blog while visual journalling!

    Cards look really neat masha Allaah!

  2. Assalaamu alaikum Umm Maimoonah 🙂

    I am sure Maimoonah would enjoy it, my three year old really loved it too. It would work nicely with the visual journalling because once it dries its not so bright and you can write over it without the print being too dominant.

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