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I even forgot how to login!

Assalaamu alaikum akhwaat

I haven’t blogged in so long I actually forgot how to get into my blog!

Jazzakillahu khair to the sisters who contacted privately to check that I was ok. It was truly heartfelt 🙂 I have missed reading you and truly hope you are all well and striving 🙂

It has been ages and I am so sorry for not even writing a “be back soon” post…but my laptop was infected with a virus and unusable!

I felt horrible at first… like a missing part of me, not being able to research, not being able to print off work. And my homeschooling files! My photo’s! I then I started seeing how addicted I was to being connected and how after the initial feeling wore off I realised I can get on fine without it. Alhamdulillah I can now get through the day without having to go online… Gosh I do sound addicted don’t I? May Allah cure me of it.

I got my laptop back some of my homeschool  resources were backed up on my hub’s external hard drive so I can get on with the show alhamdulillah.

We had a mini break as my husband was away and I went to say my at parents alhamdulillah. We kept up with basics arabic, quraan, math and english but mainly enjoyed being with the family. The girls enjoyed all the attention 🙂

Right now I am sick, Sakeenah and I have a nasty tummy bug. I am nearing the end of it but still have zero appetite. Please make duah for us.

Fee Amaanillah

Umm Imaan