Budding writers

Assalaamu alaikum So My daughters Imaan and Zahra are interested in writing stories, so I have started exposing them to the tools needed and I thought I would share as we go along. Just today I stumbled upon this little girl who has self published a few books. We watched the videos she made … [Continue reading]

Aaaaaand we’re back…

Assalaamu alaikum blogland...I have not written in a while , please forgive me. I hope to continue documenting our homeschool journey, insha Allah along with my daughters Imaan, Zahra and Sakeena.   … [Continue reading]

Time savers: baby wearing

Assalaamu alaikum sisters Alhamdulillah I have been using this time saver for a few months now and can vouch for its effectiveness! I have … [Continue reading]

The Bread Post

Assalaamu alaikum :) Bismillah OK... sisters who are dieting, going low carb or just don't like crusty home baked bread look away :) The rest … [Continue reading]

I love soup!

Assalaamu alaikum Who else can eat soup all day long? I can have it for lunch and supper and for a snack in between! I love eating it, I love … [Continue reading]

Home making moments

Assalaamu alaikum sisters I have wanted to share some home making moments alongside our home schooling moments insha Allah. I love being in the … [Continue reading]

Praying Mantis Lapbook

Assalaamu alaikum! We had one of those amazing learning moments recently, alhamdulillah. Imaan and Zahra were playing in the back yard with some … [Continue reading]

A post!

Assalaamu alaikum :) Its been ages since I last posted, I had hit a blogging slump, life got hectic, camera was stolen, laptop charger broke (which … [Continue reading]

Keeping my head above the water!

Assalaamualaikum sisters! Alhamdulillah I am back to blogging after a looong break LOL! All is good my side alhamdulillah. We had a homeschooling … [Continue reading]

I even forgot how to login!

Assalaamu alaikum akhwaat I haven't blogged in so long I actually forgot how to get into my blog! Jazzakillahu khair to the sisters who … [Continue reading]